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House of Care

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Gentle reminder that the Practice is closed Monday 6 May 2019

Please ensure that your Repeat Prescriptions are in by

Wednesday 01 MAY 2019

Practice Closure Dates

Please follow the link to see when the Practice is closed this year

House of Care

Public Institute Event 13 Oct Update

Following on from the successful event held at the Public Institute on Saturday 13 Oct 18

Health and Wellbeing Video

Appointment System Updates

We are pleased to announce that our appointment system has been updated for 2019 (although we are bringing in some of the changes towards the end of November).  These changes include:

  • 15 Minute appointments for GPs and ANPs
  • Online appointment bookings available for all patients who have signed up for Patient Services
  • More routine appointments available
  • Future appointments:
    • GPs and ANPs - 12 Weeks in advance
    • Nurses - 13 weeks in advance

Patient Services allows patients to order their prescriptions, book appointments, and more access to information.  Contact Reception for details on how to get signed up.


How many Patients?

On the Day

Contact Reception


Please be advised that with immediate effect the pro formas must be submitted to the Practice with a minimum of 8 Weeks' notice.   We will not process any pro forma that falls outside of these timings.

Practice Manager

Vision Online Services for Repeat Prescriptions is being upgraded to



See  our Facebook Link for the Video on how to migrate from Vision Online Services to Patient Services

Thinking of Registering?

Coming soon - Appointments Online

Practice Manager

Receiving Encrypted Email from NHS

If you have requested that the Practice contact you by e-Mail, we may feel that the information we're going to send needs to be sent by Encrypted Mail.  Where this is the case we will require you to register for an encryption account with NHS.  This is accessible by the first encrypted mail you receive from us and the guidance can be found at this link.

16 July 2018

Practice Manager

We're entering a new era in how we care for our patients.  Fochabers Medical Practice is one of only a handful of medical practices in the Grampian area to champion 'The House of Care' - which is designed to help patients manage long term chronic conditions.  It's about putting you at the centre of our care and support planning; it's about you having a conversation with your GP, Practice Nurse, and the wider GP practice team.

We want to consider you as an equal partner in your care and support.  We want to talk about your priorities through a conversation involving information sharing, joint decision making, goal setting and action planning; all supported by a healthcare professional.  We want you to have an improvement in your experience of care.

What will you notice?  

1.  In June of this year we will be sending out invitation letters to all patients, with long term chronic conditions, who were born in the month of July, and thereafter July for August etc.  The letter will invite you to an initial consultation with the Practice Nurse in order to take tests.

2.  The test results will then be sent to you to give you time to reflect and think about what you want to speak to the Practice Nurse, or GP if required.

3.  Your next appointment will be a consultation with the Practice Nurse, or GP is required, focussing on what matters to you and discussing how to support you to manage your condition(s).

4.  Both you and the Practice Nurse, or GP if required, will write a plan for how to manage your condition.  This might involve being signposted to local groups or any other practical steps that will help support you to better manage your health.

Practice Manager

Notice: Please note the MSW Prescription Service is no longer active. Please use the new Vision Prescription Service linked below.

Vision Online Services

Patients using a shortcut to the MySurgeryWebsite for Repeat Prescriptions can still access the forms because this page is a standard form used throughout the UK. This means that patients can still send us prescription requests; but please be advised that we are only using Vision Online Services to process online prescriptions!


Sponsoring Scotland's Domestic Abuse and Forced Marriage Helpline

Updates 25 Mar 18

COPD Tracker

Download the COPD Tracking PDF and chart the affect that COPD is having on your wellbeing.  There's an embedded Excel Spreadsheet that will allow you to plot your annual percentage information:  Click Here

Practice Manager

Increase in Capability

We are proud to announce that from Mon 12 March 2018 we have a significant increase in capability with the Advanced Nurse Practitioners.  Grant Redford will be joining us on a full time basis; and our resident ANP, Sharon Kinniburgh, has agreed to increase her hours to full time with effect 1 Mar 18. 

So what does that mean in real terms?  We will have 2 ANPs operating Mon - Fri with each of them having a half day off, rotating Wed and Thu afternoons.  Cover will be provided from 08:30 - 18:00 every day!

Did you know that ANPs can cover almost all of the responsibilities normally associated with GPs - including prescribing?  To put it into perspective, the only cases that ANPs cannot deal with are: Mental Health, Under 2 Year olds, and Pregnancy!

This is excellent news for us as a Practice, and even better news for our patients!

Practice Manager

Updates 20 Feb 18

House of Care

The House of Care programme for Grampian is being planned right now!  Fochabers and Aberlour Medical Practices are at the forefront of planning and implementing today's modern approach to sustainable and efficient care for patients!  This is going to change how patients are being looked after - watch this space!

House of Care

Travel Form - Charges

Please be advised that with effect 01 Apr 18 there will be an administrative charge of £15 per half hour for processing Travel Forms.  The minimum charge will be £15.00

Practice Manager

Update 8 Feb 18


The practice has been made aware of current social media conversational threads following on from the recent reports of a young woman experiencing a stroke having had being changed to the combined oral contraceptive pill (COCP) Rigevidon. 

We would like to reassure patients that this is not a risk associated solely with this brand.  All COCPs carry a small increased risk of a clot forming, not just Rigevidon, which is why we ask patients on these medications to attend annually for a check to ensure that their risk is not above what is considered acceptable. We hope this provides some reassurance.

Mike Brown | Practice Nurse

Patient Survey

We Ask - You Speak - We Listen - We Learn - We Change

We've carried out an internal survey on our practices and we think we're pretty good at what we are doing.  However, that doesn't mean we are good, and it doesn't mean that we are serving you as a community; because only you can tell us that.  Help us to find out that what we are doing well - and more importantly, that what we are not doing so well, and what you think we should be doing in order to make us 'What Good Looks Like' in the field of being a successful Medical Practice.  Thank you for your consideration.

Practice Manager

Welcome to our surgery website where we hope you will quickly benefit from a user friendly layout and a wealth of information about our healthcare services. Find out when we’re open and what to do when we’re not, all from the comfort of your own home.

One Click Away

Convenience doesn’t stop there and you can now access a number of services online. Ordering a repeat prescription or sending us your comments are both just a click away. And if you’re not yet registered with us you can download the necessary forms here too.


All patient areas at Fochabers Medical Practice are suitable for wheelchair access.  The main entrance has push-button automatic doors.  For patients with hearing aids there is a loop system at the reception desk.  We have access to a translation service for those of whom do not speak English as a first language. 

Help prevent suicide: ask about the warning signs and help save lives. Find out more at

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