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Our Clinics

We run many clinics for the management of chronic diseases and offer a wide variety of medical services.

  • care for terminally ill patients
  • management of chronic disease including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease, epilepsy, mental illness, cancer, hypertension, hypothyroidism
  • cervical screening
  • contraceptive services (limited)
  • vaccinations and immunizations
  • child health surveillance
  • maternity services
  • monitoring of patients on Warfarin or disease modifying drugs.

Apart from general medical problems we can help with your general health and the care of on going problems such as asthma and diabetes. For some of these conditions we have separate clinics, for others we simply see you in the normal surgery. You will be called for your annual screening on the month of your birth.

Coronary Heart Disease 

If you have had a heart attack or get angina then you are at an increased risk of further heart problems so we have a special clinic to see you.  You will be seen yearly, first by our Practice Nurse and then by one of the GPs. We will help you to live as healthily as possible and may change your medications to help prevent further problems.

Diabetic Clinics

We aim for you to get the most out of your diabetic review and, importantly, be involved in the management and improvement of your own health.

On your first visit to the clinic we will carry out blood tests, along with other measurements such as blood pressure and weight.  Once we receive the results of your blood tests we will provide you with an up-to-date graphic pro forma for your own records.  This will give you time to think about the results and monitor your progress before your next review.  Your pro forma can be collected from the receptionist soon after the blood tests have been taken – call the reception desk to check if yours are available.  You’ll also be able to make comments on the pro forma for you to reflect upon and decide on your priorities before your next clinic.

Remember that you can make the biggest difference to your health and well-being; we want you to part of the improvement to your quality of life.

Glucose Intolerance Test

Please refer to our Practice guide regarding Glucose Intolerance Test

Family Planning

GPs offer a full range of contraceptive advice in the normal surgeries.  To avoid unwanted pregnancies we offer advice to all age groups. If you require the morning after pill remember you have only 72 hours to see a doctor. The practice does not, at this time, offer a coil fitting service.

Minor Surgery

Certain small operations, such as removing skin lumps, freezing warts, or operating on toenails can be performed in the Practice, but this dependent upon the availability of an appropriately qualified Practitioner.  Sometimes they will be done in a normal surgery or the doctor may agree another later date with you when we have more time.