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Moray Diabetes Group

It is our aim to provide help and support to people living with diabetes in the UK.We do this primarily through group meetings, designed with the express purpose of providing individuals with a safe, social forum to discuss diabetes and its effects. When and where we can, we also try to raise money to promote awareness of diabetes and generally contribute in any way we can.Whether you have been diagnosed yourself or if you are simply an individual with a desire for knowledge.

The House of Care

House of Care works to make Care and Support Planning conversations routine for people with long term conditions and support self management.
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Diabetes Scotland

Most publicity centres on the rising numbers of patients with Type 2 diabetes and the association with obesity. However, the numbers of children with Type 1, which is caused by an autoimmune process which attacks the insulin producing cells in the pancreas, are also rising rapidly -by 2-3% per year in most countries.

My Diabetes My Way

The NHS Scotland interactive diabetes website to help support people who have diabetes and their family and friends. You'll find leaflets, videos, educational tools and games containing information about diabetes. You can now also use this website to view your own up-to-date diabetes clinic results, to help you manage your condition more effectively.

Better Living

Find practical help with managing Type 2 diabetes through this informative toolkit.
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Diabetes UK

Whether you're looking for diabetes information, or just someone to talk to – we are here to help you. Our incredible supporters help us to provide our helpline, local support groups, Type 1 events, online Learning Zone, and even insurance - to name just a few. From knowing your diabetes risk, to learning to live well with diabetes, we have a wide variety of support available to you.
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